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Welcome to the G.reater C.incinnati T.ennis C.oaches A.ssociation website!
School Postings:

Here is a link to the 2015-16 GCTCA entry form.  

2015-2016 GCTCA Registration Form

Entries are due by August 26th for the girls tournament and April 6th for the boys tournament.



Summit Country Day is in need of a middle school girls coach. Please email Jeff Carle at Summit Country Day for more information. 


2015 Boys Dates:                                                   2015 Girls Dates:
1st Day of Practice: March 9                                 1st Day of Practice: August 1
1st Day for Matches: March 30                             1st Day for Matches: August 7
Varsity Seed Meeting: April 20                         Varsity Seed Meeting: September 15
Var. Coaches Classic Day 1: April 23         Var. Coaches Classic Day 1: September 17
Var. Coaches Classic Day 2: April 25         Var. Coaches Classic Day 2: September 19
JV Seed Meeting: May 11                                    JV Seed Meeting: September 28
JV Coaches Classic: May 16                                 JV Coaches Classic: October 3
Awards Meeting: May 9                                         Awards Meeting: September 26
Sectionals: Week of May 11                                 Sectionals: Week of September 28
Districts: Week of May 18                                      Districts: Week of October 5
State: May 29-May 30                                            State: October 16-17


Who is signed up for the 2015 Girls Coaches Classic?

As of 3/17/15... Click HERE


Who is signed up for the 2015 Boys Coaches Classic?

As of 4/17/15... Click HERE


2014 Girls Coaches Classic:



Flight A: Bracket
Site: Mason

Flight B: Bracket
Site: CHCA/Sycamore

Flight C: Bracket
Site: Mason/Kings

Flight D: Bracket
Site: CCD/Indian Hill

Flight E: Bracket
Site: Anderson/Turpin

Flight F: Bracket
Site: Seven Hills/Summit

Flight G: Bracket
Site: Fairfield


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